When you shop with Gaming Gear Shop, it’s a different experience, rather than going to a regular online retailer. This is because at Gaming Gear Shop, we provide additional services and information to clients that they would not normally have, when buying from anyone else on the internet. These features are fun, free and create a community atmosphere which is all about having a great time while shopping.

    • Lets you see other users unboxing equipment and giving their opinion. You can also share videos of your own with the community
    • See other people’s rigs, rate them and see which gaming setups are most popular
    • See which tournaments and give away are available online or start your own competition
    • See what kinds of equipment your favourite pros use and why How We Save You Money

How We Save You Money

Gaming gear shop receives a commission every time we sell a product. We choose to keep 5% of this commission and provide it as a discount for our client’s satisfaction. So, everything in Gaming Gear Shop is 5% cheaper than where the item originally came from. We have some of the lowest prices on the internet for gaming gear, apparel and merchandise.

We Have a Good Range

Gaming Gear Shop is a marketplace, not a retailer. This means that our product range is only limited to the number of partners we have. Each different partner has something unique and special for our clients. Partners load product to our store using a convenient digitalised panel.

Customer Service

We have a receptive and initiative based service that is responsive and friendly. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service department. Gaming Gear Shop will have a live chat function and ticket submission area as well as having representatives available 24-7, email support is also included.

We Are Trusted

Our business is trusted by our many partners who actively support and manage the business. We care about customer satisfaction and try to respond to every query, email and ticket as fast as possible. We want users to have the best possible experience on our platform and we care about our customers value for money.

Shipping Discounts

Gaming Gear Shop acts like a search engine inside our retail partner’s online stores. So, everything that is offered by them is available to you. Remember though, we have partners from all over the globe. This means that when you find an item you want, if that item is available from a store in your region you will be able to buy the item from that store, as opposed to any other store. So, you’ll be saving heaps on shipping costs as you will be able to buy local.